About five years ago NALIS purchased a Peplink bandwidth aggregator device from LISA Communications. The company was involved in the initial installation and ongoing support and configuration of this critical part of our network infrastructure. I have found Lisa’s support staff to be polite, efficient and dedicated to providing a high level of customer service. Just recently we were having issues with the launch of our SharePoint Extranet services and needed some assistance from Lisa. The LISA technician stayed on the phone with us for almost three hours until a solution was found, ensuring that we were able to meet our deadline. I am pleased to say that this level of service is not the exception, but is what I have come to expect from LISA. Keep it up!

    Paul A. Ellis
    Systems Manager,
    National Library and Information System Authority (NALIS)

    Paria Suites Hotel and Conference Centre also known as the 'Pride of South' has earned its name and credible reputation for the services they are able to offer. In order to provide such services the team at Lisa Communications is well equipped and capable of providing a very reliable High speed Internet Service with no delays or downtime to the Hotel and to the guests and with a 99% WIFI coverage using their equipment.  Another quality service provided to the hotel, is that of Cloud Data Storage and Recovery. Using the software is effortless once configured, it eases the mind of users in the event of data loss, the recovery data is well secured, protected and available for recovery at a fraction of a cost. Most importantly the Team at Lisa Communications sees the need to value the customer by exceeding their needs and expectations by finding the best solutions at a most reasonable offer. Again Thank You Lisa Communications for providing us with your services and helping us achieve the status 'Pride of South'.

    Saajid Habib
    I.T. Administrator
    Paria Suites Hotel and Conference Centre


    "I have been employed as the IT Technician at Restaurant Holdings Limited, franchisee of Burger King and Popeye's for the past four years.  I have been using Lisa communications as the provider of High speed Internet and customer WIFI for all of four years, and I can attest to the high quality service that Lisa Communications boasts of.  Lisa Communications uses to their advantage their years of experience in the industry together with leading technology, and a team of highly qualified engineers and produces a service that is second to none. Lisa Communications understands that customers are looking for results and reliability and therefore ensures that service is provided with little or no downtime.

    I want to take this opportunity to commend as well as thank Lisa Communications for their continued support and the excellent customer relationship that has been built over these last four years.  Continue to strive for excellence and you would continue to be second to none.  I recommend Lisa Communications to any business that wants to be a step above the rest. Thank you Lisa Communications.

    Kester Davis

    Restaurant Holdings