One Appliance, Total Security


Fundamental Security Services


Intrusion Prevention Spam Prevention
URL Filtering Application Control
Gateway AntiVirus    
Network Discovery    
Reputation-Based Threat Prevention    


Advanced Security Services


APT Blocker
Threat Detection and Response
Data Loss Prevention



An award-winning network visibility tool, which filters oceans of log data into actionable security intelligence, providing an instant, single view of advanced threats.
Allows you real time visibility of your network activity through comprehensive reports, interactive dashboards and detailed traffic logs.
Not only helps identify security risks, but also enables the rapid mitigation of those risks and threats!



 Why does your business need this?

  Identify top threats and trends
  Monitor patterns of the most visited websites
  Drill down to individual log data to reveal key details
  See who is consuming the most bandwidth
  Easily pivot, drill down & filter to receive detailed information when needed
  Over 70 comprehensive reports, which can be scheduled for email delivery




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