Fast, Reliable Internet Access                                             

    Fast, reliable Internet access, speedy downloads, and advanced quality of service support for real time applications such as voice and video. Lisa offers you a guranteed 99.6% up time. The Internet has made communicating an economical and efficient way of doing business, but it also comes with threats that can violate the confidentiality and continuity of your organization.

    Lisa provides you with regular reporting to track threats to your company's network, as well as user analysis which ensures that you constantly have knowledge of what occurs in your organization.

    Using cutting edge RUCKUS wireless and world leader in 4G wireless Broadband Solutions - ALVARION, Lisa partners with the top companies worldwide to ensure that the quality and standard that we offer is nothing but the best.


     Office to office connectivity allows you to integrate your
       communications to facilitate your geographic locations.

    • Managed circuits bring efficiency to real time applications such as
       voice and data to ensure that it runs smoothly and seamlessly.

    • All locations (local and international) can work, communicate and
       share critical information over a secure network, bringing synergy
       and competence to your operation.


    With Lisa Communication at the helm of your business, you will maintain quick access to your organization, staff, clientele, information and resources. Watch your business thrive as your productivity and revenue soar.



    Commercial DSL & Dedicated Rates

    DSL Service Rate VAT 12.5% Total
    Lisa DSL 1Mb (1024Kbps/512Kbps) $1,205.40 $150.68 $1,356.08
    Lisa DSL 3Mb (3Mbps/1Mbps) $1,449.00 $181.13 $1,630.13
    Lisa DSL 5Mb (5Mbps/1.5Mbps) $1,692.60 $211.58 $1,904.18
    Lisa DSL 10Mb (10Mbps/3Mbps) $2,301.00 $287.63 $2,588.63


    Dedicated Service Rate VAT 12.5% Total
    Lisa 1Mb Dedicated Internet $2,031.30 $253.91 $2,285.21
    Lisa 3Mb Dedicated Internet $4,750.20 $593.78 $5,343.98
    Lisa 5Mb Dedicated Internet $7,198.80 $899.85 $8,098.65
    Lisa 10Mb Dedicated Internet $13,314.00 $1,664.25 $14,978.25



    Residential Rates

    Service Rate VAT 12.5% Total
    DSL Corporate Home Office (2Mbps/768Kbps) $299.00 $37.38 $336.38
    DSL Corporate Home Office Ultimate (3Mbps/1Mbps) $399.00 $49.88 $448.88

    DSL Corporate Home Office Ultimate 2 (5Mbps/1.5Mbps)

    $499.00 $62.38 $561.38


    Rates are subject to change.