LISA NETWORK SERVICES   Let LISA build & manage your network.


Network Audit Get a detailed analysis and performance evaluation of your network. Each device on the network (routers, switches, firewalls, domain controllers) will have a page report. 


  Analysis on network weaknesses and possible failure points

  ISP uptime reports

  Physical health report of all equipment

  Switch and router configuration report

  Firewall configuration report

  Domain Controller report



Network Redesign Based on the results of the Network Audit, LISA will redesign the network to best suit your organization's needs.


  The LISA Network Audit

  A new network diagram with all devices on the network

  A before and after network diagram, to show changes made

  A proposal of recommended equipment to improve your network

  An Implementation Plan for your organization

  Disaster Recovery Planning for all devices



Network Management Let LISA manage your network 24/7


  The LISA Network Audit & LISA Network Redesign

  Switch Management with SNMP tools

  Firewall and Wi-Fi Management

  Domain Controller

  VOIP Management